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Adventures in the Virtualscape

Putting it all Together

An interesting thing happened the day I decided I was ready to submit my React/Redux final project: I took a look at the final product and discovered it didn’t really look like something that should have taken over a month and a half to complete. There just didn’t seem to be that much to it. It freaked me out a little, I can’t lie. A look at the Github repo revealed that I had made 144 commits, but I wasn’t sure whether that should make me feel better or worse.

Scope & Hoisting in JavaScript


Scope refers to the context within which any binding (i.e., variable, function or class) is accessible. With variables, the simplest example might be:

jQuery Project Causes Massive Slowdown on the Highway to Graduation

The Rails project on top of which I needed to build some dynamic jQuery features had evolved over time into a hulking Frankenstein’s monster, bristling with obscure nuts and bolts and dragging bits of clanking functionality behind it. I had started way back in the Sinatra section with an already fairly complex model (described here), and then made matters worse by indulging in some attempts at cleverness (described here). As a result, when the time came to add jQuery on top of it, it felt a little like trying to erect a cathedral on top of a house of cards. Before I could get started with the jQuery part, I had to undo a lot of stuff I’d done previously and get back to a solid foundation. And before I could do that, I had to identify the stuff that needed to be undone and figure out how to undo it. It was overwhelming.

A Rails Project That's for the Birds -- but in a Good Way

For my Rails project I continued working on an app I had developed for my Sinatra project. The purpose of the app is to centralize and streamline data entry for a bird banding station I’m involved with. The project is described more fully in my blog entry for the Sinatra project.

A Derailment Story (Pre-Rails)

For my Sinatra project, I chose to address a real-life need for an organization I’m involved with. This was a mistake.